Liberal Democrats winning again

Last night’s Liberal Democrat parliamentary win in North Shropshire highlights a growing disgust with Boris Johnson and the current Conservative government, too often they have been found breaking their own rules, whether on Covid restrictions, or sleaze.  Only this week 99 Conservative MP’s voted against their own health advisors recommendations on tightening Covid restrictions in the face of the current Omicron wave, whilst at the same time putting forward proposals to weaken human rights legislation. 

The Conservative Party is dominated by Brexit headbangers who are isolating us from Europe, the planned rise in national insurance contributions means ordinary workers will pay more, whilst the Conservative’s business chums are let off the hook.  The government is dragging its heels on meaningful action to meet its climate change pledges and has failed to provide the resources that social care desperately needs.  On so many fronts this government is lacking, the byelection victory in North Shropshire on top of recent local success and a previous win in Chesham and Amersham shows Liberal Democrats offer a real alternative to Conservative omnishambles.

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