Supporting the Big Plastic Count

We know that the disposable plastic we use on a daily basis is harmful to the planet and to ourselves, micro-plastic is found in our bodies, in our water and in our food, yet we are painfully slow in providing alternatives to single use plastic. 

This year, the government is starting to decide on legal targets for reducing plastic waste and it’s important to provide a baseline for current usage which is why as a member of Greenpeace I am supporting their campaign to measure the amount of plastic packaging we use.

The aim of the campaign is to reduce single-use plastic by 50% by 2025 by transitioning to reusable packaging and supporting non-plastic alternatives such as our own Scrapless, the plastic free store.  Join the Big Plastic Count for 16th-25th May and measure your plastic use in the next week to provide the baseline for the campaign.  It’s also good to contact retailers or manufacturers who provide unnecessary plastic packaging to highlight your concern.

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