Update on road works

I have been asked how long the roadworks in Leylands Road near St Peters Road will continue, and can confirm they will complete by the 16th April, a colleague who contacted them has confirmed they have completed the main works and will make good the road surface next week. I’ve also been asked about the blockage on the upgraded footpath parallel to Blackstone Way, and understand completion was delayed by legal issues which have now been resolved and therefore the work should be completed soon, just waiting for a specific deadline.

New pathway means no more wet feet!

West Park Nature Reserve, Malthouse Lane

The paved pathways at West Park Nature Reserve are now open for use, albeit without markings to separate pedestrians from cyclists which have still to be added, but it represents a welcome all weather route between Malthouse Lane and the Rugby Club (particularly remembering the last time I walked the route and came away with soaked ankles!) .  Walking locally has taken on a new context in the last year, and whilst covering any of our woodlands with tarmac should never be taken lightly, the level of use of these routes demands it, particularly as it confines users to the path as opposed to any ever widening muddy trail that it replaces.  The improvements are part of the Place and Connectivity Programme putting in a number of new pathways or enhancements around the town, not least the new pathway from St Wilfrids Road to Wivelsfield Station where work started this week.

Theobalds Road bridle path

Walked down Theobalds Road along the bridle path to Fox Hill Village, its current state shows why Mid Sussex District Council did a U-turn on its proposals to turn it into a paved cycle path given the cost of ensuring proper drainage! However anyone who walks it regularly would have been able to tell them, as well as questioning the environmental effects of such a proposal.  Their would be a significant financial and environmental cost to improving, particularly for the section by the stream (further complicated because it is in Lewes District which would not contribute to the cost).